If you are looking for a a troupe that a) takes you to expected places b) will make your face into a frown, scowl or fear face c) wins your respect for their unswerving commitment maintaining a straight face d) soothe you to sleep with the delightful sound of an audience sitting on your hands, there are plenty of other comedy shows in the world, but this one is not the one you are looking for. Parker & Seville are bare bones, pure goofy comedy, constantly pushing the edge of reality and dumbness.

Parker & Seville have been at it for 10 years, performing at TOSketchfest many times and occasionally winning awards* for doing so, either as Parker & Seville or as members of the sketch sextet O Dat Dum. They've also released an album, 'Side Sizzle', which you can acquire on iTunes or Bandcamp. Dave is the tech correspondent for The Beaverton on Comedy Network, and also writes for the Beaverton website. Parker & Seville have performed in Chicago, New York City, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa and, uh, Hamilton. They live in the same house in the Junction, with Matt's cats, Jack and Bender, and Dave's family.

*Parker & Seville won the Sketchiest Sketch Troupe Award in 2014, and O Dat Dum won the Sketchiest Sketch Troupe in 2015 and Producers' Pick in 2016