Parker & Seville is an award-winning sketch duo from Toronto. The award they won was the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival's "Sketchiest Sketch Troupe" Award. They have been performing together for 10 years and have a very loose style with no scripts and lots of improvisation. They have a lot of stage presence. They do a lot of sketches where one of the characters is talking on the phone to an offstage character.

They got their start in 2007 as a vaudeville act, performing Abbot and Costello-like routines to great acclaim for a number of years before expanding their act to include a variety of different characters.
They have performed in Montreal, Chicago, New York and Boston.

Dave Barclay (Parker) and Matt Kowall (Seville) met at Humber College in 2005 in the Comedy Writing and Performance Program. A few months later they wrote their first sketch together, “Grade Two Boys News”, and have been collaborating ever since. They live in the same house in Toronto.

In October 2014 Parker & Seville founded a new troupe with 4 other sketch comedians, called O Dat Dum (because all of their sketches are quite Dum). It has gone on to great success, winning the 2015 Sketchiest Sketch Troupe Award and the 2016 Producers' Pick Award, both at Toronto Sketchfest.